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The fish thrive in a calm and stable environment. Fish feeding and transfer operations are always handled as stress-free as possible. Fish are always fed by an expert person, which means that the amount of feed is correct for both the fish and the environment.


It is important for the fish to live in a suitably sized group. They must not be too cramped but also not too loose, as both situations stress them. The fish live in cages between 60 and 120 meters in circumference.


The fish fry arrive to us in the spring so they have time to get used to their surroundings before the summer warms the water up. The first place of residence for the fish fry is carefully selected to be a sheltered place where the currents and waves are not too strong for them. After the winter, the fish are ready to move to the open sea. There, the flow of water is stronger and at the same time the oxygen conditions are ideal for fish. For the winter, the fish are brought from the open sea to a more sheltered place to winter.



The appetite of the fish can vary from day to day depending on the temperature of the water, and therefore the amount of feed must be regulated daily. Fish welfare is monitored regularly throughout the year. As poikilotherm animals, the activity and metabolism of fish decrease as the water temperature decreases.


Fish are vaccinated prophylactically – the health of fish farming in Finland is generally among the best in the world. We very rarely need to use medication. Any courses of medication are always prescribed by a veterinarian, and there is a waiting period after that, so there are no medication residues left in the fish once it gets served to us.

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