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Thriving nature is a lifeline for us. We live and work in harmony with and strongly connected to nature. The changes of the seasons and natural conditions set the framework for what we do. For us, our unique archipelago nature is not only a co-worker but also an everyday source of well-being.


It is close to our hearts to provide you with the best possible quality and to produce it by operating with respect for the environment. We raise our fish ourselves and are responsible for their well-being every day. We gut by hand, because that ensures high quality. We offer you all our knowledge and know-how on what quality fish is like and how to grow it responsibly.



Our small archipelago community and its people are important to us and at the same time a prerequisite for our existence. Through our operations, we want to ensure the opportunities for a good life in the archipelago and taking care of our own. For our part, we also want to be at the forefront and promote the development of the whole industry, so that fish farming at sea will be an even more responsible way of producing quality and healthy food for all of us in the future.

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